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Environmentally Friendly Products


A range of environmental friendly products for…

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Ecologically friendly gardening practices, or ‘eco-friendly gardening’ as they are affectionately known, are forward-thinking methods of gardening that are responsive to the global threats of climate change. These innovative outdoor endeavours focus upon reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that occur as a direct result of modern-day gardening practices. Eco-friendly gardening also encourages the absorption of carbon dioxide by soils and plants in order to lessen the…

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8 Eco-Friendly Products

Eight eco-friendly products to consider. These products are not only good for the environment but also cheap and are very useful in our daily lives.
Take part in saving our planet Earth.

Have you heard about non eco-friendly materials helping the eco-friendly…

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Cleaning Products

Below is a list of 20 eco-friendly products that have proven to be worth the investment; some will even save you money over time. Go green today by making the switch to reusable, non-toxic household items!

20 Eco-Friendly Products That Are Worth Your Money

1- ECO Lunch Box Bento Box

My kids have used…

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Eco Gardening

Eco-friendly living goes beyond just conserving the natural environment for current and future generations of humanity. Human life is part of a wider ecosystem that involves various kinds of living things.

A healthy garden brings the benefits of a natural ecosystem to your home, benefiting you, plants and other living things that form part of this habitat. Simple changes and practices have the potential…

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Food and Drink

Food and drink.

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Eco Holidays

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The Springwatch presenter Kate Humble explains the anger that motivated her to build the UK’s first aquaponic greenhouse on her farm – a closed-loop system producing food in a small space…

Lucy Siegle – The Guardian


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